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Why Are Gutters Important?

Are you looking to buy or sell a home? When looking to buy or sell, or if you have just purchased a home, what are some of the things you look at? Are gutters on the list? If not, they definitely should be! If the home doesn’t have a good gutter system, with properly installed […]

Cracking in your stucco

Cracks can be caused by lots of different things such as movement, Freeze-thaw, poor installation, etc.  Our Colorado freeze cycles could be harsh on stucco when left on our “I’ll do it tomorrow” list…  Not only will it start to be cosmetically unattractive, especially if you are trying to sell your home, but think about […]

Winter Snow and Ice Opens the Door to Potential Water Damage

Wooo hooo! For most of us, snow shoveling season is over. Spring has arrived and the snow is beginning to melt. As you bring out the patio furniture and put away your winter boots, a whole new set of problems are lurking around the corner: water damage! Has the Colorado winter left your home vulnerable? As the […]

What is Kick-out Flashing & Why is it Important

Kick-out flashing is an “L” shaped flashing that goes under the shingles on your roof, behind the stucco, stone or siding on an exterior wall. You should find this flashing anywhere on a multi-level house where the roof and the gutter terminate into a wall. The purpose of kick-out flashing is to divert all the […]

Is your home exterior in need of some TLC?

                  Is your home exterior in need of some TLC? Have you been putting off some general maintenance or are you ready for an entire exterior spruce up?                   Exterior Reconstruction can increase the value of your home and can transform the curb appeal. Renovations can be done to optimize the outdoor space […]

When to Hire a General Contractor for Exterior Reconstruction Project

General Contracting services in Denver Metro Colorado

Colorado Exterior Renovations Specialist If you need exterior renovations on your home or business, hiring a general contractor to oversee the whole project can save you a lot of time and money. Quite often, renovations require several different professionals to finish the job properly, but if you find the right GC, they will already have […]

Home Maintenance Tasks in 60 Minutes or Less From Metro Reconstruction

DIY home maintenance tasks that can be done in 60 minutes of less

Home Maintenance Quick Tasks When it comes to the home maintenance, we all lag a little in our home. We would like to be on top of it, but truthfully, it just feels like it’s so time-consuming that we just let it slide. Unfortunately, letting it slide only causes little issues to become a bigger […]

Tempered Glass: A Smart Decision for Your Commercial Building

Benefits of Tempered Glass

Metro Reconstruction Services has been delivering  high-quality general contracting and reconstruction services in the Front Range and Mountain Communities for more than 30 years. During these years, we have learned that educating our customers and providing them with valuable information helps them to make smarter decisions when needing reconstruction services for their commercial or residential exteriors. In this […]

Painting Tips: The Importance of Using Primer

Spring will arrive soon enough, so if you were thinking of giving your home a new coat of paint this year, the time is coming! But when you’re scouring through paint stores looking for the perfect paint combination, don’t forget about the primer! Is primer really that important? Yes, it is. If you want the […]