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If you need exterior renovations on your home or business, hiring a general contractor to oversee the whole project can save you a lot of time and money. Quite often, renovations require several different professionals to finish the job properly, but if you find the right GC, they will already have a crew of professionals that they trust. At Metro Reconstruction, we have been working with the same crew of professionals for 19+ years, and our work throughout the Denver Metro, Front Range, and Mountain Communities of Colorado speaks for itself.

A major mistake that many people make, especially homeowners, is thinking that they can act as their GC, or they can fix the problem themselves. When it comes to exterior renovations, like replacing your stucco, foundation problems, or moisture issues, a GC is the way to go to make sure that the problem gets fixed correctly.

General Contracting services in Denver Metro Colorado

When to hire a General Contractor for your Colorado home or business exterior reconstruction projects.

For example, should you need to fix problems with stucco or EIFS homes, you need to make sure that either yourself or the crew that you hire have knowledge of the correct way to install stucco. It’s more than just patching up cracked stucco. And, if there are problems with your stucco or EIFS, chances are there’s a deeper problem than just a crack.

So, when should you hire a general contractor?`

  • If the job requires a specialist – like repairing stucco, EIFS, or other cladding systems
  • Foundational problems
  • If the job requires permits
  • If the job is going to take more than a few days

The chances of making a mistake if you do it yourself are too great and often not worth the risk. Hiring a local general contractor and save yourself the headache of having to oversee the project yourself.