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When to Hire a General Contractor for Exterior Reconstruction Project

General Contracting services in Denver Metro Colorado

Colorado Exterior Renovations Specialist If you need exterior renovations on your home or business, hiring a general contractor to oversee the whole project can save you a lot of time and money. Quite often, renovations require several different professionals to finish the job properly, but if you find the right GC, they will already have […]

Painting Tips: The Importance of Using Primer

Spring will arrive soon enough, so if you were thinking of giving your home a new coat of paint this year, the time is coming! But when you’re scouring through paint stores looking for the perfect paint combination, don’t forget about the primer! Is primer really that important? Yes, it is. If you want the […]

Causes of Pest Infestation in Colorado Homes

Colorado reconstruction and moisture repair specialists in Colorado

Have you ever stood in your yard and seen a large group of ants marching single file towards your home. It can be mesmerizing to watch them work until you realize that they are heading straight for your home. Ants aren’t the only pests that could damage your home. Termites, rats, and mosquitoes are all […]

Moisture Issues in Winter

Stucco and EIFS repair for Colorado homes and businesses

Normally we don’t start to see the effect on winter weather on our homes until the springtime. But with early snowfall and temperature that wavers between freezing and thawing, you may already have noticed a few problems around the foundation of your home. Improper drainage could be causing the melting snow to flow into your […]

Why There Are Cracks in Your Concrete

professional concrete contractor can help minimize cracks in Colorado

Concrete is among the most used building materials in the world. It’s tough and durable, not to mention environmentally friendly. It’s also affordable, making it attractive to builders and customers alike. But, even the best-laid concrete is bound to get a crack or two over time. Despite what you may think, cracking concrete is (almost) […]

Repairing Stucco and EIFS in Cold Winter Weather

Fixing stucco and EIFS in winter in Colorado

Despite our numerous warnings about prepping your Colorado home for winter, we know that some of you thought you still had a lot of time left on your hands. After all, winter isn’t official until December 21st, right? Yup, you’re right, but try telling that to the inches of snow that have been covering our […]

Where To Spend Your Building Maintenance Funds

prioritizing reconstruction projects for HOA in Colorado

Tips for HOA and coop managers For those of you brave enough to be on the board of directors of your HOA, you know just how hard it is to please everyone. No matter how you spend your funds, a member of the association will always think the money could have been better spent somewhere […]

Stucco in the Colorado Snow

For stucco and EIFS repairs in Denver, Littleton, Genesee, Golden, Morrison, Front Range and Mountain Communities in Colorado, call Metro Reconstruction.

Stucco provides a classic finish to any Colorado home. Not to mention it is long lasting and weather resistant, two things that should appeal to any Colorado homeowner. Unfortunately, improper installation and cheap materials can leave your stucco home cracking, peeling and failing. Our winters here in Colorado can be a problem for some stucco […]

Winter Preparedness: Back to the Gutters

Tips to preventing winter moisture damage to your Colorado home

Protect your home from winter moisture issues It’s no secret that we encourage homeowners to be proactive in taking care of their home. That means taking the time to prep your home for the different seasons, particularly in a state like Colorado, where a new type of weather is waiting for us around every corner. […]