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painting tips for Colorado HomesSpring will arrive soon enough, so if you were thinking of giving your home a new coat of paint this year, the time is coming! But when you’re scouring through paint stores looking for the perfect paint combination, don’t forget about the primer!

Is primer really that important?

Yes, it is. If you want the job done right, then you should take the time to put a primer on before you paint (or repaint) your home. Inside as well as out.

First of all, the primer acts as a sealer for your siding. Second, a primer will cover up discolorations, stains or other small imperfections. Third, it acts as a base for your paint and helps your paint bond to the surface giving it longer life.

If you are looking to lighten the color of your home, you definitely need a primer. If you try to paint a light color directly over a lighter color, the lighter color will become muted and distorted. It’s not a good look and it’s not why you spent money buying high-quality paint. The exterior is your home’s first impression, take the extra time and spend the extra money on the right materials for the job.

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Protect wood siding by using a primer before you paint

If you have wooden siding on your home, using a primer will protect the wood from being exposed to the elements. Naked wood can cause the paint to crack and fail, allowing moisture to seep into your wooden siding causing rot and mold problems.

Wood is naturally absorbent. Without a good coat of primer, too much paint will end up being soaked up by the wood giving your home an uneven finish. It can take many more coats of paint to get your home to look even if you choose to skip the primer step.

So, without primer you’ll need more paint, and you’ll most likely need to repaint more often and pay to fix moldy and rotten wooden siding. So, are you still thinking of skipping the primer? We didn’t think so.

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If you’ve already made the mistake once of not using primer and are experiencing the damaging effects, like mold and damage to your wooden siding, talk to us about fixing the problem. Any exterior damage to your home, especially moisture damage and mold, should always be taken seriously.

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