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A few weeks ago we talked about the risks involved in being your own GC as opposed to hiring a professional contractor. Today we’re going to talk about “builder grade materials”, and why you want to avoid them at all costs. We here to tell you that no professional self-respecting contractor is using builder grade materials. Don’t be fooled by the name or the price!

Quality reconstruction requires using the best materials available and not cutting corners. Metro Reconstruction has been servicing commercial spaces and private homes in Colorado for the past 30 years.
Quality reconstruction requires using the best materials available. Cutting corners or using builder grade materials will only end up costing you more in future damage and repairs.

The term “builder grade” is misleading

Putting the term “builder grade” or “contractor grade” on materials is a sneaky way for companies to imply that this is a product good enough to be used by professional contractors. In truth, it is the exact opposite. “Builder grade” is one of those terms that can be tossed around freely without any legal consequences. It’s like a pack of cigarettes being called “light” or “mild”, implying that they are less dangerous than other cigarettes when we all know that they are not. Writing “builder grade” is simply a way of manipulating you into thinking that this is an awesome product. Builder grade materials are often sub-par and made of low grade materials as opposed to the more expensive – and more trustworthy – quality or custom grade materials available.

Reconstruction do's and don't by Metro Reconstruction Services in Colorado
Using a professional contractor and quality materials for your reconstruction project will be worth the extra money up front.

Spending more money on quality materials will save money in the long run

If you are making renovations to your home, spending a little extra money and getting the quality grade materials to replace windows, doors, siding, paint, etc. will end up saving you money in the long run. That “builder grade” window or door may be cheap, but that’s because it is poorly constructed and will most likely not fit right, leaving your home vulnerable to all kinds of problems. Water damage is the big one. Skimping on a quality grade window can end up costing you a lot more when you have serious moisture and mold issues. Even if you can stave off water intrusion, the increase in your energy bill will surely make you think twice about going for the cheapest solution.

moisture issues
Water damage will tear your home apart and can cost a fortune to repair if it’s not caught early.

The same goes for your siding. Builder grade siding will break in no time, no matter what type of environment you live in. So imagine how it would hold up here in Colorado. Builder grade siding already has a hard enough time withstanding wind, sunlight, snow, rain, and low and high temperatures – how do you think it’s going to hold up when the weather gets really crazy.

We know your budget is tight and renovations can be costly, but spending a little more money up front and getting the best materials for the job will always pay off in the long run.