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Has your home seen better days?

This is the perfect time to get that work around your home you’ve been meaning to get done for a while now. Metro Reconstruction Services is the best choice in the Front Range for exterior renovations. Our staff is highly trained and prepared to get to work  as soon as  you are.

Moisture Control

Metro Reconstruction Services can help you fix all your moisture issues. Properly controlling moisture in your structure will improve the effectiveness of your air sealing and insulation efforts, and vice versa. Thus, moisture control contributes to a structure’s overall energy efficiency. Along the Front Range water can cause expansive damage when Colorado’s expandable soils mixed with inappropriate drainage.

Window Replacement

Water intrusion often occurs at window miter joints when they are not maintained. It is imperative to periodically check and maintain the construction joints at the windows so that they are weatherproof. When the miter joint starts to separate, the windows should be replaced to prevent moisture intrusion. Leaky windows can be the root of water damage to the exterior and interior of your home.

Waterway Rainscreen

Woodpecker Repair and Protection

Woodpeckers can cause problems for homeowners. The loud pecking and ugly holes in exterior walls can be a nightmare for homeowners, building owners, and HOAs.These holes may be a contributing factor to many other problems such as water damage and mold. We use an exclusive and effective product to repair damage done by woodpeckers and to help prevent future damage.

 residential complex

For over 30 years, Metro has been doing business along the Front Range and Mountain Communities.

Metro Reconstruction Services, Inc. was built on a foundation of professional and courteous service, a commitment to quality, and an ethical code of understanding and knowledge and application in our areas of specialty. We have a vast amount of experience from small projects to multi-million dollar contracts of reconstruction. Contact us for a free estimate.