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Why is Metro Reconstruction Services your best choice?

prevent and repair EIFS damage

Has your home seen better days? This is the perfect time to get that work around your home you’ve been meaning to get done for a while now. Metro Reconstruction Services is the best choice in the Front Range for exterior renovations. Our staff is highly trained and prepared to get to work  as soon as  you are. […]

Considering replacing your windows?

water intrusion

Windows are an integral part of the exterior system. If your windows are failing, they could be allowing moisture in enter into your substrate and can cause structural issues. Get a free estimate to fix those drafty windows.

Considering a new look for your properties?

metro reconstruction properties

This attractive complex is benefiting from the low maintenance stucco provides. Having a correctly installed stucco system offers durability and attractiveness for years to come. Our experts work alongside engineers, architects, and inspectors. It takes a team to build an integral structure. Call us today with your project ideas and we’ll help make it happen!

Stucco problems

stained stucco

With the winter quickly approaching, closely monitor your stucco exterior. Some issues that may arise are associated with moisture being trapped in the wall cavity. Water creates a mold breeding ground while rotting the substrate and framing. Mold can get so extensive it may create poor indoor air quality with potential health problems and huge repair […]