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Cracking in your stucco

Cracks can be caused by lots of different things such as movement, Freeze-thaw, poor installation, etc.  Our Colorado freeze cycles could be harsh on stucco when left on our “I’ll do it tomorrow” list…  Not only will it start to be cosmetically unattractive, especially if you are trying to sell your home, but think about […]

Tempered Glass: A Smart Decision for Your Commercial Building

Benefits of Tempered Glass

Metro Reconstruction Services has been delivering  high-quality general contracting and reconstruction services in the Front Range and Mountain Communities for more than 30 years. During these years, we have learned that educating our customers and providing them with valuable information helps them to make smarter decisions when needing reconstruction services for their commercial or residential exteriors. In this […]

4 Benefits Of Tempered Glass

Benefits of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass  is made with the purpose of resisting shattering into jagged shards, and it is commonly used in cars and public buildings. If you’re working on remodeling, fixing or building a home, office or commercial establishment, we think you may want to know the benefits of Tempered Glass: 1) Easy To Clean Tempered Glass is very easy […]

Why is Metro Reconstruction Services your best choice?

prevent and repair EIFS damage

Has your home seen better days? This is the perfect time to get that work around your home you’ve been meaning to get done for a while now. Metro Reconstruction Services is the best choice in the Front Range for exterior renovations. Our staff is highly trained and prepared to get to work  as soon as  you are. […]