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Tempered glass  is made with the purpose of resisting shattering into jagged shards, and it is commonly used in cars and public buildings. If you’re working on remodeling, fixing or building a home, office or commercial establishment, we think you may want to know the benefits of Tempered Glass:

1) Easy To Clean

Tempered Glass is very easy to clean, and it doesn’t take much time, just spray it with a mixture of dish soap and water. It is very important not to use a scouring pad, because it will be too rough to use safely on your tempered glass, always use the soft side of your sponge.

2) Strength

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass, this is due to the manufacturing process. This makes it very reliable for vehicles and buildings that need a very resistant glass in order to avoid any hazards.

3) Safety

When talking about glass safety, tempered glass is what you need. Using tempered glass reduces the risk of injury caused by jagged glass shards. When an accident occurs, tempered glass breaks into small, rounded “pebbles” because of the way the molecules bond. This process makes it much more desirable for use in vehicles.

4) Heat Resistant

Tempered glass is more heat resistant than normal glass, it will never melt or weaken. This makes it ideal for laboratory uses, fire engines and buildings that must be built to strict fire codes.

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