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Metro Reconstruction Services has been delivering  high-quality general contracting and reconstruction services in the Front Range and Mountain Communities for more than 30 years. During these years, we have learned that educating our customers and providing them with valuable information helps them to make smarter decisions when needing reconstruction services for their commercial or residential exteriors. In this opportunity, we are going to write about tempered glass and some of the benefits that it provides for our customers.

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Tempered glass is a safety glass regularly used in scenarios in which standard glass could represent a potential danger for someone, such as in vehicles and public buildings. Thanks to its strength and its much stronger than ordinary glass quality, it is a much safer option for reducing the risk of injury caused by jagged glass shards. When tempered glass breaks it turns into small, rounded “pebbles”; which is why it is used on vehicles around the world. Another great feature of this type of glass is that thanks to its great heat resistant capacity, it will never melt or weaken. It is also very easy to be cleaned, making it a great choice for laboratory uses, fire engines and commercial facilities

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