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Do you see cracking in your stucco system?

Cracks can be caused by lots of different things such as movement, Freeze-thaw, poor installation, etc. 

Our Colorado freeze cycles could be harsh on stucco when left on our “I’ll do it tomorrow” list…  Not only will it start to be cosmetically unattractive, especially if you are trying to sell your home, but think about all the extras that will come along with that if not handled in the right way.

The cracks could possibly expand from the water freezing and thawing. This would invite water to come into your house as time passes. Issues from not repairing or replacing your stucco can include damage to the framing of the house, wood rot, mold, and interior damage.  

Movement – as the ground moves your home moves at a different rate and this can cause cracking, or the sheeting behind your stucco naturally expands and contracts and this process can cause movement. 

If you are selling your home, water getting in from cracks can even cause the value to decrease. It could mean costly repairs in order to sell your home. We’ve all done our fair share of upgrades to our home, and if we are trying to sell, we don’t want to come up short on our investment.

Hairline cracks most likely are cosmetic, however it is a good idea to get them checked out by a qualified stucco contractor to be sure.

Extra damages sadly include extra spending and why not spend it in family or just pampering yourself. I don’t know… maybe buy your spouse that new something that has been lingering in mind. Hint. Hint… Thank me later! Updates to our home should be enjoyable, or at least something we have been planning and wanting to do. No one likes having unwanted surprises or expensive repairs. 

If you think you are experiencing moisture issues from the freeze thaw or cracking in your stucco, contact us for a free estimate.