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Cracking in your stucco

Cracks can be caused by lots of different things such as movement, Freeze-thaw, poor installation, etc.  Our Colorado freeze cycles could be harsh on stucco when left on our “I’ll do it tomorrow” list…  Not only will it start to be cosmetically unattractive, especially if you are trying to sell your home, but think about […]

Considering replacing your windows?

water intrusion

Windows are an integral part of the exterior system. If your windows are failing, they could be allowing moisture in enter into your substrate and can cause structural issues. Get a free estimate to fix those drafty windows.

Stucco problems

stained stucco

With the winter quickly approaching, closely monitor your stucco exterior. Some issues that may arise are associated with moisture being trapped in the wall cavity. Water creates a mold breeding ground while rotting the substrate and framing. Mold can get so extensive it may create poor indoor air quality with potential health problems and huge repair […]