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Moisture Problem Solutions

Metro Reconstruction can help you fix all your moisture issues. Properly controlling moisture in your structure will improve the effectiveness of your air sealing and insulation efforts, and vice versa. Thus, moisture control contributes to a structure’s overall energy efficiency. Along the Front Range water can cause expansive damage when Colorado’s expandable soils mixed with inappropriate drainage. The earlier you control drainage and moisture issues can save you from major structural damage. At Metro Reconstruction we are experts with decks and deck coating systems, french drains and all types of drainage systems, foundations, concrete and stucco repair, water proofing solutions, warranty work, and finding and stopping leaks. We also work alongside civil, structural, and geotechnical engineer.

Metro Reconstruction has extensive experience in dealing with all your moisture issues; bad gutters, leaking roofs, windows not properly installed, poorly installed EIFS (foam stucco system), all type of caulking. Metro can find and fix all these issues. We also do Water Proofing Solutions, Decks/Deck Coating Systems, French Drains/Drainage Systems, Foundations, Concrete and Stucco Repair, Water Proofing Solutions, Warranty Work, and Work Alongside Civil, Structural, & Geotechnical Engineers. We are also proud members of the Colorado Better Business Bureau, Association of Wall and Ceiling Industry, Colorado Contractors Association, and Colorado Association of Home Builders.

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