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Quality siding and cladding repair in Colorado
Even a brick wall is not indestructable. If you notice damage to your siding, moisture issues will follow. Replace failing or poorly installed siding.

A first impression is everything. The quality of your cladding, from materials to color to texture, can dramatically change the way people see your home. But giving your tired, worn down cladding systems an upgrade is just one way to breathe new life into your home and give it an little extra curb appeal. Another reason for changing or repairing old cladding is to fix damaging, toxic moisture issues with damaged or poorly installed cladding systems.

Weather, poor installation, old age, poor materials or expansive soil problems can all cause your cladding system to fail. Stucco, EIFS, stone, wood, brick or any other cladding system is only as good as the installation, and despite the durability and the advances in cladding technology, no cladding is indestructible

Moisture is the biggest risk factor when cladding and siding systems fail

Quality exterior siding reconstruction in Colorado by Metro Reconstruction
We will repair or replace failing or damaged siding using proper installation techniques an high quality materials.

If your foundation and walls are taking in moisture, you can almost be certain that mold is growing at the same time. Once you have mold, fixing the problem can’t happen quickly enough. Along with a new cladding system, you may also need to re-think and re-do your old flashing systems. More often than not, moisture issues stem from faulty installation and poor flashing. Both are key to keeping out moisture. 

Changing your cladding won’t be cheap, so make sure it is done right the first time. Find a crew you trust to be professional and experienced. We take pride in our work and put quality and integrity above all.