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Kick-out flashing is an “L” shaped flashing that goes under the shingles on your roof, behind the stucco, stone or siding on an exterior wall. You should find this flashing anywhere on a multi-level house where the roof and the gutter terminate into a wall. The purpose of kick-out flashing is to divert all the water that runs down your roof,  into the gutter and away from the house.  If your house is missing kick-out flashing your home is it a much greater risk for water damage.   Additionally if the gutters on your home are not held away from the walls and the end cap on your gutter has a leak this will also contribute to your risk for water damage.  Water is more likely to find its way directly into the wall where the flashing is missing and where your gutters are improperly installed. From our experience, this is one of the biggest causes of water damage to the stucco/stone/siding systems on a building. 

The best way to fix this is to remove the existing gutters and cut back the current stucco, stone, or siding on your home. Next you will need to install the correct kick-out flashing (which needs to be installed behind the wall siding system). Lastly repair and finish the wall system over the flashing, then reinstall gutters to correct gapping, at least a 1/2″, from stucco system. This may seem tedious but not having kick-out flashing and having improperly installed gutters can be very damaging to your home. If they are not repaired or installed water can get into the system and cause water damage to your wood substrate. In addition, if the issue is not addressed correctly or in a timely manor, it can cause mold and/or dry rot. This is a small repair if caught early enough and it can save your home from major water damage and moisture/mold mitigation. If you think you are in need of Kick-out flashing please call our office @ 303.543.9549 or click here to schedule a free estimate.