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Importance of Kick Out Flashing

Kick out flashing is a key essential part of any building, this helps prevent water intrusion. Kick out flashing also known as diverter flashing is a piece of metal that diverts water from the cladding on a building to the gutter. This small but important material can prevent major water damage. Kick out flashing may […]

Metro Reconstruction Services’ Spring Maintenance Advice in Colorado

spring maintenance tips to ensuring your home is in tip-top condition

Spring Maintenance Tips Spring is finally here! Metro Reconstruction Services wants to offer homeowners some basic spring maintenance tips. Maintaining gutters and downspouts and  preventing drainage issues around the home’s foundation is essential for keeping your home in tip-top condition. Check Your Gutters and Downspouts It is crucial to make sure gutters and downspouts remain […]


Dear Valued Customers: Like us, I’m sure you have been receiving updates from many of the companies you do business with about how they are responding to the current health crisis.  We also wanted to share how we are working to meet your needs during these uncertain times. As more information becomes known about the […]

Winter Snow and Ice Opens the Door to Potential Water Damage

Wooo hooo! For most of us, snow shoveling season is over. Spring has arrived and the snow is beginning to melt. As you bring out the patio furniture and put away your winter boots, a whole new set of problems are lurking around the corner: water damage! Has the Colorado winter left your home vulnerable? As the […]

What is Kick-out Flashing & Why is it Important

Kick-out flashing is an “L” shaped flashing that goes under the shingles on your roof, behind the stucco, stone or siding on an exterior wall. You should find this flashing anywhere on a multi-level house where the roof and the gutter terminate into a wall. The purpose of kick-out flashing is to divert all the […]

The pitfails of hail season

Colorado’s hail season is upon us and so are the headaches that hail damage can cause. If you live across the Colorado Front Range a.k.a. “Hail Alley” than you have likely experienced your fair share of hail storms. Colorado has the special distinction of being one of the top states for hail frequency and damage. […]