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Gutters, Drains, & Scuppers
DIY home maintenance tasks that can be done in 60 minutes or less
Gutters play a huge role in keeping water away from your home. It is very important to get regular gutter cleanings too keep them free from debris. Failure to do so can result in water issues. In addition, gutter joint and seam leaks should be sealed as they happen to help prolong the life of the gutters.
In colder months, it is vital that you keep the gutters from freezing over for long periods. If you notice problem areas, we recommend using heat tape or cable to help keep these areas flowing correctly. Failure to do so can result in roof leaks, water leaking behind the gutter, and other water issues.

Roof drains/scuppers like gutters play a huge role in water management. It is important to keep them clear of debris on both sides. If these drains are freezing, adding high-end heat tape can sometimes keep them from freezing. No mater what you do, it is important to keep these drains moving naturally as water runs through it. Buildups can shorten the lifespan of the drain, and lead to flooding issues and or other forms of water damage.