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Colorado’s hail season is upon us and so are the headaches that hail damage can cause. If you live across the Colorado Front Range a.k.a. “Hail Alley” than you have likely experienced your fair share of hail storms. Colorado has the special distinction of being one of the top states for hail frequency and damage. The larger the hail the larger the damage it will cause to your home. A quickly passing hail storm may seem innocent enough but, when you head out to evaluate the damage take a look at your landscaping. If it looks like a bull ran through your flower beds you can only imagine what the hail storm did to your home or business’s roof.

Young plants zucchini closeup damaged by hail

If the storm was severe enough, large hail can threaten the integrity of your roof leaving it susceptible to water damage. After a storm has hit look for a reputable company in your area, like Metro Reconstruction Services, who will be able to help you with your roofing needs.

Be mindful with who you choose to work on your home or business. Out of town roofers or “storm chasing roofers” may lead you a stray and leave you worse off from when the storm hit your home. A great source for additional information on handling hail season is shown on the Colorado Public Safety website.

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