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Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring is finally here! Metro Reconstruction Services wants to offer homeowners some basic spring maintenance tips. Maintaining gutters and downspouts and  preventing drainage issues around the home’s foundation is essential for keeping your home in tip-top condition.

spring maintenance tips to ensuring your home is in tip-top conditionCheck Your Gutters and Downspouts

It is crucial to make sure gutters and downspouts remain secured to the home. Do a yearly check, every spring, for loose downspouts and sagging gutters. If spout extensions have been added to help keep water away from the house, make sure to reconnect any that have come loose and tighten any loose gutter straps. It is critical to keep gutters and downspouts clear and free flowing. It may be helpful to add accessories like screens to cover the spouts or gutter cap systems that can help ensure gutters and downspouts are free-flowing.

Re-Grade Around Your Homes Foundationspring maintenance tips to ensuring your home is in tip-top condition

If water is left to pool against the foundation of your home, it is only a matter of time for the this precious liquid to find its way into the house. It is essential to remove any mulch or debris from the surface before moving the soil to create positive drainage. A small area only needs a vertical drop of about half an inch per foot. Once enough of the soil has been moved tamp it down well to make sure it stays in place. Then add back the covering mulch.

spring maintenance tips to ensuring your home is in tip-top conditionTrim or Remove Overgrown Trees

Trees that grow too closely to your residence can cause storm damage to all parts of your home, not just your roof. Contact an insured tree trimming company to remove any weakened, dead, or overhanging limbs.

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