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Kick out flashing is a key essential part of any building, this helps prevent water intrusion. Kick out flashing also known as diverter flashing is a piece of metal that diverts water from the cladding on a building to the gutter. This small but important material can prevent major water damage.

Kick out flashing may be installed, but if it is installed incorrectly this can cause major issues.Kick out flashing should be watertight against the building to prevent water from entering. Along with kick out flashing there should be step flashing as well. The angle of the flashing should also be at an angle of 110 degrees or more.

If kick out flashing is not present on a home or building it should be installed by a professional contractor right away. To summarize, make sure that kick out flashing are visible and are installed correctly to prevent water damage to any building. If you are not sure if a kick out is installed correctly or not, reach out to Metro Reconstruction to get an expert opinion and free estimate.