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Have you ever stood in your yard and seen a large group of ants marching single file towards your home. It can be mesmerizing to watch them work until you realize that they are heading straight for your home.

Ants aren’t the only pests that could damage your home. Termites, rats, and mosquitoes are all drawn to homes and businesses, especially if they are suffering from moisture damage. Rotting wood is an open invitation for all kinds of buggers to invade you home, causing an even bigger mess for home and business owners.

Pests love moisture damaged homes and businesses

To get rid of a massive pest infestation, you will need to call an exterminator. But, you’ll probably also need to call a general contractor or reconstruction company as well, because moisture damage to your foundation, roof, and siding could be the reason the pests are there in the first place.

Overhanging branches that damage your roof, gutters and downspouts could cause moisture to leak behind your walls rotting any wood. Moisture penetration is a big problem and should be fixed immediately. But, if moisture damage is left untreated too long, big and small creatures could be flocking to your home causing more harm.

Repairing moisture problems in your home or business' exterior
Moisture issues are often to blame if pests are infesting your home’s exterior.

Rats and mice will seek warmth in your crawl spaces and basements

Once rodents are inside your home, they’ll just keep chewing everything in sight, from your foundation vents, wooden planks, stucco, moisture barriers, not to mention your wiring.

If you have rodents in your foundation, talk to the Metro Reconstruction crew about getting to the root of the problem. Moisture issues are often left untreated until you spot an even bigger problem like pest infestations or mold. Moisture spreads rapidly, especially if it is helped along by ants, termites, and rats. Fixing the problem requires more than bug spray, you may need to replace your siding altogether, and fixing cracks in your foundation and crawlspaces.

Exterior moisture repair and reconstruction services in Colorado

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