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Protect your home from winter moisture issues

It’s no secret that we encourage homeowners to be proactive in taking care of their home. That means taking the time to prep your home for the different seasons, particularly in a state like Colorado, where a new type of weather is waiting for us around every corner. This time of year, your gutter system is the area where you really want to pay attention. This is your armour against the various types of moisture that will be hitting your home until springtime. But there’s a lot more to gutter maintenance than simply clearing out the dirt and debris.

Preparing your Colorado home for winter moisture issues
Your gutter system is your best defense again winter moisture issues with your Colorado home

Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters still top the list of problems that cause moisture issues and serious damage to your home. If it was just a few golden autumn leaves, then it might not be an issue, but add dirt, twigs, debris and water. All of a sudden your gutters are being overworked by excess weight. Too much pressure will cause your gutters to sag. When gutters sag, you are simply creating a hammock for the stuff that gathers in your gutter with no place to go.

Cleaning your gutters should really only need to be done a few times a year. If your gutters are chronically filling up with leaves and dirt, you may benefit from installing some gutter covers, but this doesn’t eliminate the need for regular maintenance, it may just cut back on the number of times you need to get up on that ladder to clean your gutters out.

Prepare your home for winter
Check your gutters to make sure they are straight, secure and the downspout diverts your water far away from your foundation.

Sagging gutters

If your gutters have sagged, you will need to replace them and make sure that they are pitched right and directing all moisture towards the downspouts. Clean gutters don’t do anything if they don’t divert that water away from your home.

Once you’ve cleaned your gutters, flush them out with a hose and make sure all water drains. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to have your gutters pitched properly.

Preventing moisture damage to your Colorado residence or business
Whether it’s rain, snow, ice, or sleet, moisture is a big concern for all home and businessowners in the winter time. Make sure you have a solid flashing and gutter system in place to divert the moisture away from your home and foundation.

Leaky gutters

While you’re up there, check for leaks and holes. If gutters are leaking near the joints, you can most likely fix the problem with a little sealant.

Last, once you’ve cleaned, sealed, and pitched your gutters correctly, take a quick peak at the downspout to make sure it’s not draining too close to your foundation. What good are clean, sealed and pitch perfect gutters if your downspout is just dumping all the water right into our basement?!

If your downspouts are draining too close to your foundation, extend them a few feet further away and make sure the dirt around your home is sloped ever so slightly so that water continues to run far away from you home.

Your gutters are your defence against winter wetness. Get your ladder out now and continue to keep your home in the best shape all winter long.