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There are many things we want to forget about the 80’s – shoulder pads come to mind. Fortunately, most of us have packed away our 80’s memorabilia in a tightly sealed box in the attic. Unfortunately, some things have stuck around (much to the dismay of the self-respecting contractor). One of those things is vinyl windows. The only reason they’re still around today is because they are cheap. But take it from an expert: The only vinyl that should still be in your home from the 80s is Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Vinyl windows are killing the planet

Okay, you may not agree with us on Michael Jackson, but one thing we should all agree on is never to use vinyl windows. For one, the process of manufacturing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is incredibly toxic, producing a carcinogen called Dioxin. Two, PVC cannot be repaired. Three, throwing a vinyl window away after it fails (and it will fail), again, is toxic to the environment. To sum it all up: they are toxic, un-repairable, and in case you didn’t read it right: toxic!

So, why did we even start using them in the first place? Because they are cheap and maintenance-free! That is what the vinyl windows salesman will tell you. But buyers beware: things are not always as they seem.

If it seems too good to be true, it’s too good to be true

Last week we talked about steering away from “builder grade materials” because – despite the assuring label – these materials are anything but great. Vinyl windows are no different. The label may tell you that you will save on energy, eliminate drafts, spruce up your homes aesthetic and never ever have to worry about replacing your windows ever again. If you think they doth protest too much, then they probably doth!

front exterior
Vinyl windows will cheapen the value of this beautiful modern Colorado home. Call Metro for quality windows and reconstruction services.

The truth about vinyl windows

  1. Vinyl windows will not save you more money on your heating bills, reduce your energy consumption or even eliminate drafts. If a window is fitted and installed properly – no gaps, no rattling and weather-stripped – a vinyl window will be just as energy efficient as the environmentally friendly wood windows.
  2. Vinyl windows will NOT last for a lifetime as the warranty so generously guarantees. Any life-time warranty for any product should raise some flags in a buyers mind. Vinyl expands twice as much, if not more, than a wood window and eventually the seal will fail. Technically it is true that the vinyl window will last forever since it is not bio-degradable – much like a Twinkie – but its working life span is much shorter. Like the Twinkie, vinyl windows are tempting, but ultimately terrible.
  3. Lastly, if you live in a beautiful Colorado neighborhood surrounded by homes with wooden windows and you choose to go with the cheap vinyl option, you just successfully decreased the value of your home. People are willing to pay for quality craftsmanship, right down to your windows. So, if you ever want to sell your home, investing in energy efficient wooden windows is worth it.

Quality window installation in Front Range
and Mountain Communities

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Metro Reconstruction can repair or replace your old windows correctly to help prevent future damage.

If you want to protect the value of your home, be kind to the environment, and save on energy, talk to Metro Reconstruction about energy-saving window options for you home. A quality wooden window that is properly installed is the only way to go. We’ve been leaders in the reconstruction industry for decades and have never had a line on any of our work. When it comes to quality reconstruction in the Front Range and Mountain communities, do you home a favor and contact us for next project. Spending a little extra now will pay off in the future. Don’t throw you money out the window; get quality products and quality installation the first time around.