How did your windows hold up this winter? Did you notice a suspicious draft despite all windows being shut? Did your heating and energy bill hit new heights, even though you didn’t do anything different from last winter? It could be time to have Metro Reconstruction come out and check your windows and install new ones so you save on energy and avoid dangerous mold and moisture issues in the future.

Your windows won’t last forever

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Windows don’t last forever. Check and maintain your windows to avoid more serious damage to your home, like moisture and mold.

Windows are not as tough as you may think, and they won’t last forever. After a long winter, you may think that your roofing and sidings is more at risk, but your windows are much more delicately constructed and are subjected to the elements as much as the roofing and siding. When you are dealing with glass, caulk, wood, vinyl and metal, things tend to break down. So don’t ignore the signs.

How to tell if your window needs replacing

  • There’s a draft, despite closed doors and windows – Exposure to moisture can warp the wood and make the window tight in some places, while creating gaps in other places that allow for air to seep through.
  • Your windows are tough to open and close – Improper paintjobs on wood and metal windows can cause the materials to rot or rust.
  • Condensation in between the double or triple window panes – fog, moisture or condensation buildup in between your window panes is a sure sign that your windows need to be replaced. If this has been going on for too long, you may even notice a buildup of calcium on your windows.
  • Your energy bill has reached new heights – New, quality windows can help reduce your energy consumption.

Metro Reconstruction can replace your old windows

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Metro Reconstruction can repair or replace your old windows correctly to help prevent future damage to your home or business.

A leaky window can be the root of water damage, and the sooner you replace bad windows the more likely you are to prevent future and more serious damage to your home. However, a new window won’t fix an already existing mold or rot problem. If you have mold and moisture problems, Metro Reconstruction can fix them and help you avoid these problems in the future with the proper installation of new high quality windows. We’ve been a leader in the reconstruction and moisture industry since 1982. If you need new windows talk to us about your options.

High quality windows can save on energy, provide security, reduce noise and increase security. Plus, proper installation will seal and protect your exterior siding and stucco. Call Metro Construction to replace your old windows anywhere in the Front Range and Mountain Communities of Colorado.