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Tips to saving energy

We’ve talked a lot about how the elements, seasons, shifting temperatures and moisture, moisture, moisture could be the death of your home, but there’s another reason for keeping a close eye on your house envelope to make sure it is working optimally: energy waste!

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Of course, no home or business owner is looking to repair costly moisture damage, and you use everything in your human power to protect your home from mother nature. But, even if your home isn’t taking on moisture, it could still be wasting a whole lot of energy, and you pay for that each and every month.

If you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills, it might be time to evaluate your home or business. You could be throwing your hard earned money right out your single pane windows. Let’s take a look at the most common energy wasters in a home or business:

Poor insulation – Any Colorado home or business owner needs insulation to avoid massive energy waste. Especially in your attic space. As you heat your home or business, that heat rises. If you don’t have good insulation in your attic, heat will escape right out through the roof. Not only will this make your heating system work overtime trying to maintain a certain room temperature, but snow gathered on your roof could melt, trickle down your roof, and once it hits the overhanging eaves, it will freeze up again creating an ice dam. Ice dams come with their own set of problems, but we’ll deal with that another time.

Energy saving tips for Colorado homeowners
Make sure your home is properly insulated, especially in the attic to avoid wasting energy and losing heat.

Old windows – single pane windows in older homes will do very little to keep the heat inside and the cold outside. In older homes, single pane windows are a common occurrence. If you are purchasing an old home, think about replacing all windows with new energy efficient ones. It may cost a bit upfront, but the savings on your energy bills will make up for it for years to come.

Old HVAC systems and appliances – again, older models are less energy efficient. There have been – and continue to be – major advances in energy efficiency when it comes to refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers and HVAC systems. Upgrading your appliances to newer models with a better energy rating can save you as much as 50% on your future energy bills.

It’s time to bring your old house into the new millennium. Wasting energy is wasting money!