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We know, we know, it feels like summer just barely arrived, but when it comes to being a homeowner in Colorado you need to stay ahead of the seasons. That means that you need to start prepping your home for fall during the summer months. You don’t want to wait until the weather starts to turn to get your home ready. For some mountain communities, frost and snow is just a few months away. Denver residents may remember last September when we woke up to an unusual sight: snow! So, stay ahead of the weather and prep your home for fall.

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Stay ahead of the seasons and prep your home for fall

If you’re a pro-active and organized homeowner you’ve been taking good care of your home, doing regular check-ups and maintenance to make sure that your home is functioning to its highest capacity. Giving your home a quick once-over before fall means you can relax as the season changes. And should you come across more serious issues with your home, best to find and fix them fast and not wait until the weather starts to turn.

Fix your walkways, porches and patios before fall

Hail, tornadoes and heavy summer rainstorms could have damaged your home. Don't wait until winter to find out.
Hail and heavy summer rainstorms could have damaged your home. Don’t wait until winter to find out.

Rain and hail are part of living in the Front Range and Mountain communities of Colorado, these types of weather can cause damage to your walkways, paths, patios, driveways and porches. Basically any outdoor structure can be damaged by the elements.

Put in some drainage in your yard if you spot wet patches or standing water on your property. If you don’t deal with standing water it could easily start to find it’s way into your foundation, inviting serious problems like moisture damage and mold into your home.

Fix cracks in your concrete. Small cracks will allow for moisture to enter. This may not be a big deal now, but you don’t want to put it off for too long. Before you know it, mountain communities are seeing the temperatures drop below freezing at night, causing water in your cracks to freeze, expand and cause the crack in your concrete to grow. Fix it now while the weather is nicer!

Fix your windows and avoid drafts

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Large glass doors and windows are great for your business, but vulnerable during Colorado’s hail storms. Contact us if your windows are failing and need to be replaced before it gets cold.

Now is a good time to give your windows a caulking and make sure they aren’t leaking or creating a draft. If it’s time to replace your windows, get a professional to do it now while the weather is warm.

Fix drainage and flashing systems

Summer in Colorado can see it’s share of extreme weather, as we’ve talked about. Make sure your gutters and kick out flashing is still functioning properly, diverting moisture from your home.

As a homeowner or business owner, you have to stay on top of your building to make sure it is always working optimally. The more you know about the state of your home, the more likely you are to spot serious problems and having them fixed quickly and professionally.