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Fixing and Maintaining Your Deck

It finally feels like summer and it’s time to start enjoying our decks and gardens again. If there’s one thing dads love to do after a long work week it is to fire up the BBQ, invite over friends and family, kick off their shoes and sit on the deck soaking up the sun. With Father’s Day this Sunday, June 21st it’s the perfect time to get his deck ready for a summer of family, togetherness and great time outdoors on the grill!

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dad can be hard. When you were little it was easy. All you had to do was draw something, or make him a new coffee mug (or just decorate his old one) and he would be beaming from head to toe. But now that you’re grown and have busy lives of your own, all most dads really wants is to spend some time together.

Do something productive on Father’s Day. Time and “fixin’ stuff” is all your dad needs. And you know what your dad’s deck needs? To get fixed up and ready for summer after a long hard winter!

reconstruction or moisture issues with your deck
Regular maintenance of your deck will ensure a long life. For reconstruction or moisture issues with your deck, call us.

Common problems with Colorado decks and how to fix them

  1. Water Damage – Even the best sealant will wear off with time. Next time you’re at your parent’s house, sprinkle a little water onto the deck and see if it spreads and beads or simply soak into the wood. If it’s the latter, you need to re-seal you deck.
  2. Fading Color – This is a cosmetic issue, but long time exposure to the elements will cause the color of the wood to fade. Wood cleaners and brighteners can help restore some of the color back into your wooden deck. And once you’re done, re-seal your deck.
  3. Rotting wood – Severe, unattended water damage will eventually cause the wood to rot and literally fall apart. If you just sealed your deck and are still seeing signs of rot, wait for the next rain and pay attention to where the water is coming through. The problem could be with a gutter or another fixture that is directing excess water onto one part of your deck.
  4. Gaps in boards – some wood may contract and shrink over time. The only way to fix this issue is to remove and replace the boards.
  5. Structural weakness – If you installed your deck yourself – or in this case, if your dad built his own deck – the inexperience of the do-it-yourself builder could have compromised the structural integrity. The simplest way to tell is to walk on the deck. If the deck has any sort of “give” when you walk across it you may want to look into some structural repair.

    outdoor living spaces
    For deck repair and reconstruction services in the Front Range and Mountain communities, call us.

General contracting and reconstruction services in Colorado

We are not trying to undermine your dad’s building and construction skills, but if his deck is showing signs of water damage, rot or structural weakness then it’s time to call in the professionals. We are experts at deck repairs and deck coating systems, as well as any and all water proofing solutions. We’ll find the problem, whether it has to do with the deck itself or the surrounding drainage and gutter systems that could be affecting the integrity of your deck. We have over 30 years of quality general contracting and reconstruction work throughout the state of Colorado, including mountain communities.

Call (303) 543-9549 for an estimate on deck installation and reconstruction in Colorado

If it’s just a matter of a simple re-seal or a wash and shine of your deck, then you and your dad can take on this project yourselves with great success. For more serious issues, tell your dad to call us. Or better yet, give us a call before Sunday, June 21st, 2015 to schedule an estimate for your dad’s deck.

Happy Father’s Day!