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As long as you know when and how to use it, a little caulk goes a long way. And it can save you a ton on your electric bill. Caulking is not just to keep the heat in during cold winter months; summer time is also a good time to give your windows a good caulking.

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Maintaining your windows with new caulk can save on energy. For more serious issues with failing windows, trust Metro Reconstruction to fix the problem.

Keep cool air inside your house during the warm summer months

When we are preparing our house for the long cold Colorado winter we rush around to seal up our windows making them tight and efficient so that the cold air stays out and the warm air stays inside. But what about those hot Colorado summers when the AC is keeping you from melting? Running the AC ain’t cheap, so don’t let the cool air seep through poorly sealed windows and run up your energy bills. If you see a change in your energy bill, the simple fix could be a little caulk in the right places.

Latex or silicone caulks are the most common choices of homeowners. Latex caulk is a bit easier to handle, but silicone caulk is much more durable and weather resistant. Remember, just because its summer doesn’t mean the weather here in Colorado can’t roar its ugly head. You always want to be extra vigilant when it comes to the exterior of your home, making sure hail and severe storms don’t compromise the integrity of your home.

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If your windows are failing, moisture could be getting into your home. Regular maintenance and caulking can extend the life of your windows.

A common mistake made by first-time caulkers is just to apply new caulk on top of old caulk. In fact, you have to remove all old caulk before reapplying. You’ll find that latex caulk is easier to get rid of than the silicone, but both are excellent options. Also, you will need to get a caulk gun. You can’t just squeeze it out of the tube like toothpaste. Plus, a gun will help you avoid too much spillage to clean up afterwards.

Once you have all the right materials, you’re ready to get caulking. Be sure to cover all areas where the air is seeping through.

Energy efficient windows in Colorado

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It is imperative to periodically check and maintain the construction joints at the windows so that they are weatherproof. To replace your windows for your Front Range or Mountain Community business or resident, contact Metro Reconstruction.

If you think that there is more damage done to your windows and a little caulking won’t fix it, contact Metro Reconstruction to help you replace your failing windows with energy-efficient wooden windows that will protect your home and help save on energy.  Leaking or unsealed windows can lead to more serious problems requiring more intense reconstruction and repairs. If you suspect that your windows are no longer functioning at their best, schedule an inspection to get a professional assessment of the damage. Then contact Metro Reconstruction. We’re the best in the Colorado reconstruction industry and have been providing quality reconstruction and contracting services to Colorado homes and businesses. If you’ve got issues with your windows or need major repairs to the exterior of your home, no one is better than Metro.