Colorado’s hail season is approaching and it’s time to make sure that your roof and windows are ready to take a beating. From mid-April to mid-August, Colorado’s Front Range communities are right in the line of fire, and will get the highest frequency of large hail. This is not just numbers for Colorado, or  North America, but for the world!

Millions of Dollars in Hail Damage to Colorado’s Front Range

Colorado’s Front Range, a.k.a. “Hail Alley” can usually count on three or four catastrophic hail storms a year. Over the past 10 years, these vicious storms have caused more than $3 billion in damages. In September 2014, the Denver Metro area alone suffered $213.3 million in damages.

commercial entrance

Large glass doors and windows are great for your business, but vulnerable during Colorado’s hail storms.

Hail storm damage can lead to moisture problems

When the hailstorm hits, your roof and windows are the most at risk for damage. In severe storms, large hail can threaten the integrity of your roof and windows, leaving them susceptible to water damage, and eventually mold. It’s been a long cold, snowy winter that could have already taken its toll on your roof, gutters, windows and the structure of your home. If you live in a hailstorm prone area of Colorado, talk to Metro Reconstruction about checking the exterior of your home for weaknesses that could leave you more vulnerable to                                                                         hail damage.  

Hail storm damage to your home or business can lead to more serious water and moisture issues.

Hail storm damage to your home or business can lead to more serious water and moisture issues.

Call Metro Reconstruction to find and fix moisture issues

We’ve got extensive experience in dealing with moisture issues caused by the improper installation or damage to gutters, roofs, windows, EIFS and caulking. Moisture issues are serious, and it is best to call someone who knows what they are looking for and can fix it the right away to avoid future issues. Mold is the silent killer in any home. For those of you living in Colorado’s Front Range or Mountain Communities the upcoming hail season is just another way for nature to damage your home and allow for water to seep in. Stay ahead of the problem and call Metro today.