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Stucco provides a classic finish to any Colorado home. Not to mention it is long lasting and weather resistant, two things that should appeal to any Colorado homeowner. Unfortunately, improper installation and cheap materials can leave your stucco home cracking, peeling and failing. Our winters here in Colorado can be a problem for some stucco homes, especially when it comes to moisture issues.

For stucco and EIFS repairs in Denver, Littleton, Genesee, Golden, Morrison, Front Range and Mountain Communities in Colorado, call Metro Reconstruction.
If stucco hasn’t been installed correctly, the Colorado winter can cause moisture to penetrate causing cracking, flaking, and peeling.

Exterior stucco and EIFS renovations and repairs are not an uncommon occurrence in Colorado. Our winters are wet, and if stucco isn’t properly installed you could be looking at water penetration when the snow builds up around your home, drowning your stucco in moisture around the base. There are several layers that are required for stucco to withstand moisture, if any of those layers fail, you are looking at serious, time-consuming and costly repairs.

Find a reputable stucco repair specialist in your area and stop the problem before it compromises the integrity of your entire home. The Metro Crew will use quality materials and decades of experience to make sure your stucco is installed correctly, and won’t allow moisture penetration or

Stucco and EIFS repair for Colorado homes and businesses
Having stone cladding around the base of your home will help protect your stucco from snow and moisture damage.

start cracking, peeling or flaking in the wet winter weather. We can even help you further guard your home and your cladding against water intrusion is by adding stone cladding to the bottom of your home, near the foundation. Then you can complete your home with modern stucco or EIFS.

If you need to repair your stucco or EIFS clad home in the Denver area, make sure you hire an expert in the many layers of stucco so that you get it fixed properly. We’ve repaired stucco residences and commercial buildings from Denver, Genesee, Golden, Morrison, Littleton as well as the entire Front Range and Mountain communities of Colorado.