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Importance of Kick Out Flashing

Kick out flashing is a key essential part of any building, this helps prevent water intrusion. Kick out flashing also known as diverter flashing is a piece of metal that diverts water from the cladding on a building to the gutter. This small but important material can prevent major water damage. Kick out flashing may […]


Dear Valued Customers: Like us, I’m sure you have been receiving updates from many of the companies you do business with about how they are responding to the current health crisis.  We also wanted to share how we are working to meet your needs during these uncertain times. As more information becomes known about the […]

The pitfails of hail season

Colorado’s hail season is upon us and so are the headaches that hail damage can cause. If you live across the Colorado Front Range a.k.a. “Hail Alley” than you have likely experienced your fair share of hail storms. Colorado has the special distinction of being one of the top states for hail frequency and damage. […]

Safe Guard Your Home This Spring With Our Hard Guard System

Spring is coming soon to Boulder and Woodpeckers too! Spring is coming soon to Boulder! Bees buzz, birds sing, flowers bloom, and woodpeckers peck (sometimes on places like your house). Unfortunately, woodpecker damage encourages infestation of insects and other wildlife because open wood is an entry point into the structure. Plus, can also rainwater can […]

Moisture Issues in Winter

Stucco and EIFS repair for Colorado homes and businesses

Normally we don’t start to see the effect on winter weather on our homes until the springtime. But with early snowfall and temperature that wavers between freezing and thawing, you may already have noticed a few problems around the foundation of your home. Improper drainage could be causing the melting snow to flow into your […]

Dry Turkey: Avoid Thanksgiving Moisture Problems

Thanksgiving turkey cooking tips by Metro Reconstruction in Colorado

We spent a lot of our time fixing moisture issues for commercials spaces and private residences throughout Colorado. Much of our time is spent preventing moisture from entering your home, and fixing gutter systems and drainage to deflect moisture. But, when it comes to your Thanksgiving turkey, all of our instincts get tossed out the […]

Your Chimney Could be the Culprit Behind Water Damage

getting your home ready for spring in Colorado

Who doesn’t love a good fireplace? Most people would agree, having a fireplace in their home is great.  Good for the cold, long winter months. Now that those have passed, you’ve probably already made arrangements to clean the flue. But have you thought about checking the structure of your chimney to make sure that the winter weather hasn’t […]

Is Your Colorado Home or Business Ready for Hail Season?

Benefits of Tempered Glass

Colorado’s hail season is approaching and it’s time to make sure that your roof and windows are ready to take a beating. From mid-April to mid-August, Colorado’s Front Range communities are right in the line of fire, and will get the highest frequency of large hail. This is not just numbers for Colorado, or  North America, […]