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Hey, Colorado, how’s your roof holding up?

Hurricanes and hail can take a huge toll on you roof and if you don’t have the right shingles, you could be looking at some serious damage. The bad news is that Mother Nature is just getting started. The good news is that there are superior roofing shingles available to Colorado residents that come with an insurance rebate*. Get your roof ready for the next round of severe Colorado weather with ArmourShield Impact-Resistant Shingles. 

Fix your Front Range or Mountain Community roof before the next storm hits

Tips for your Colorado home
Talk to your insurance provider about a rebate when using ArmourShield Impact Resistant Shingles for your Colorado home.

There’s a lot more to ArmourShield Shingles than just an insurance rebate. When it comes to Colorado homes that are constantly battling wind, hail, rain, snow and even sometimes tornadoes, ArmourShield is the most impact resistant shingle on the market and great for Colorado homeowners or business owners.

With a sturdy, impact resistant roof you can sit safely inside and watch the storm tear through your neighborhood. ArmourShield shingles also have the bonus of looking nice. You don’t have to give up on your home’s appearance just because you have a durable, hail, wind and tornado resistant roof.

Storm repairs for the Front Range and Mountain Community homes and business

Protect your Colorado home from golf ball size hail with ArmourShield Impact Resistant Shingles.
Protect your Colorado home from golf ball size hail with ArmourShield Impact Resistant Shingles.

We’ve got extensive experience in fixing storm-damaged gutters, roofs, windows, EIFS, etc. We have decades of experience fixing homes and businesses throughout Colorado that have been affected by severe weather. We work professionally and efficiently using only the best materials. Our commitment to quality extends to small projects as well as multi-million dollar contracts. We work alongside structural and civil engineers to find the best solutions for any problem that your home or business may face.

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*Check with your insurance provider for rebates when using ArmourShield Impact-Resistant Shingles