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No, not all basements leak!

It’s no small task taking care of a home. And we’re not just talking wallpaper and hosting the perfect dinner party. When it comes to the structure of your home, there are a million ways you can help protect your home and give it life beyond its years. When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, waterproofing should be your number one priority!

A leaky basement could mean a failing foundation

Avoid water intrusion by waterproofing your foundation.
Avoid water intrusion by waterproofing your foundation.

The basement is the most overlooked room in your house. Don’t know where to put that ugly armoire you inherited? Put it in the basement. Can’t bear to throw out your children’s toys, clothing and arts and craft, but you also don’t really want to look at it anymore? Box it up and put it in the basement. Before you know it, your basement is full of unwanted stuff. A place you’d just as soon not think about, let alone go down and check for water. But you should. You really should. A leaky basement is a failing foundation, and a failing foundation means your home could already be filled with mold and toxins.

Your home’s foundation will shift, settle, expand and contract with the seasons and over time lead to small cracks that eventually grow into large cracks. Then comes the moisture. Don’t ignore moisture issues, especially in your basement. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a little water in your basement is perfectly normal. Any moisture issues, even just a hint, can lead to serious structural damages.

Moisture levels in the soil surrounding your home will change throughout the year, and if your home was poorly constructed, these changes could cause major damage in a short amount of time. And it doesn’t take long for mold, bacteria and mildew to find warm, wet and dark spaces. If wet, warm and dark sounds like your basement, it could be time to call in a waterproofing expert to waterproof your home.

If there is visible mold, the damage is done. Get ahead of moisture issues by waterproofing your home.
If there is visible mold, the damage is done. Get ahead of moisture issues by waterproofing your home.

Expert waterproofing solutions to Front Range and Mountain community homes

The Colorado spring can be a wet one, and we’ve already seen some serious showers and hail storms. If you’ve spotted wet patches in your basement or suspect that your home is leaking water, call us today. We are experts with decks and deck coating systems, French drains and all types of drainage systems, foundations, concrete and stucco repair, water proofing solutions, warranty work and finding and stopping leaks. Don’t let a little basement puddle take out your entire foundation. The sooner you fix the problem, the less costly it will be to repair. Our reconstruction projects in the Front Range and Mountain communities are unparalleled. If you want the best for your home, call Metro Reconstruction.