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prevent and repair EIFS damageWhat Causes EIFS Damage In Colorado?

An Exterior Insulation and Finishing System, also known as by its abbreviation EIFS, is a multi-layered exterior wall that’s popular for its ease of installation and ability to insulate and protect a building. EIFS also provides a decorative finish that can replicate architectural styles such as stucco, brick, stone, and siding. Any building material employed on the exterior of residential homes will need maintenance and care. Over time damage most likely will occur to your EIFS. Here’s some information about what causes the damage and how to repair it from Metro Reconstruction Service.

What Causes the Damage?moisture issues

As with most building exteriors, structural and aesthetic damages are commonly caused by rain, moisture in the air or water infiltration due to cracks in the outermost layer. Through time, the finish coating can wear off or produce cracks big enough to expose the mesh just under the base coat of the system.

prevent and repair EIFS damageHow Can it be Fixed?

Damages noticeable enough to affect the aesthetics of the building are usually what causes customers to call for re-coating. At this point, you may need to redo your old flashing systems as well. Moisture issues most often stem from faulty installation and bad flashing. Both are key to keeping out moisture.

Trust your EIFS repair to Metro Reconstruction Service Experts

These repairs won’t be cheap and you will want to make sure they are done right the first time.  You can trust the experts with proven experience at Metro Reconstruction Service.  We are professionals in all exterior renovation. Our experience includes water issues, soil, concrete, moisture mitigation, stucco/EIFS repairs & renovation, and even masonry work  We take pride in our work and put quality and integrity above all.

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