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A woodpecker is more than just a drumming nuisance echoing through your home in the spring time.  You’d be surprised at what these little fellows can do, and what the damage can end up costing you in future. In our 33 years of experience with EIFS, we’ve seen just how much damage a few small woodpecker holes can cause, which is why we’ve come up with a system to prevent woodpecker damage once and for all: Hard Guard System!

Woodpecker damage can lead to home moisture issues

summerset project
Living near woods can attract woodpeckers to you home.

There are many varieties of woodpeckers here in Colorado, and for those of you living near wooded areas, when spring arrives and the woodpeckers start to perform their mating rituals your home could end up taking quite a beating. With EIFS the areas around windows and the top of your house, the eaves,  and the chimney can attract the woodpeckers and once that little fellow starts pecking, repairing the damage will cost you more than just a few Ibuprofen for you headache. The tiny little holes aren’t just a cosmetic annoyance, but can be the beginning of much bigger problems like water problems, rotting walls and mold. Luckily, Metro is ready to perform damage control using our own unique woodpecker resistant repair system.

Hard Guard Coating: A unique woodpecker repair system

Norther Flicker Woodpecker
This little Northern Flicker is a common culprit of woodpecker damage in Colorado homes.
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Driving through Colorado neighborhoods you may notice a lot of DIY woodpecker solutions like silhouettes of hawks and owls painted on walls to scare off the woodpeckers. Metro Reconstruction has a permanent solution that will protect your home, as well as repair any woodpecker damage that may already be there. Using our Hard Guard Coating on the damaged areas will strengthen your existing Stucco EIFS and make it bird resistant. This is our own special woodpecker repair system and we’ve been using it successfully for the last 20+ years. Plus, our system will protect your home, without causing harm to the woodpeckers. After all, the drumming is simply done to attract a mate, not to intentionally cause damage to your home or your eardrums.

Metro Reconstruction specializes in woodpecker and moisture issues

Call us about our unique woodpecker repair and prevention system: Hard Guard Coating!

For over 30 years, Metro Reconstruction has been helping houses, commercial buildings, apartments, and condos repair faulty exterior systems that can lead to structural damage and moisture issues. When it comes to exterior repairs and moisture issues, we continue to be leaders in our industry. If you live in or near wooded areas, or in mountain communities in Colorado, your home may attract a woodpecker or two. Let us protect your home with our Hard Guard System, and let the woodpeckers return to the woods where they belong. If you think your home has woodpecker damage, call today and schedule a free estimate for repairs.