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Normally we don’t start to see the effect on winter weather on our homes until the springtime. But with early snowfall and temperature that wavers between freezing and thawing, you may already have noticed a few problems around the foundation of your home. Improper drainage could be causing the melting snow to flow into your home, instead of away from your home.

Preparing your Colorado home for winter moisture issues
Check to make sure your gutters and drainage systems work after a few days of thaw.

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But, poor drainage isn’t the only problem with the melting snow. Improper grading around your home could cause the water to stand around your foundation like a medieval moat surrounding a castle, but we guarantee you that all of this standing water is not keeping villainous knights from storming your castle, it’s just causing severe moisture damage to your foundation and stucco walls.

Melting snow with nowhere to go, is going to seep into the ground, which will get over saturated and that is when the water starts to push through the concrete foundation into your crawlspaces and basements. When the wet ground around your foundation freezes, and thaws, expands and contracts, concrete will crack. If this process is stopped quickly in its tracks, you’re looking at some major moisture issues and serious – and sometimes – critical damage to your home.

Tips to preventing winter moisture damage to your Colorado home
Freezing and thawing water could be putting extra pressure on your foundation and stucco cladding.

Stucco and EIFS repair services for Colorado’s mountain communities

If this year’s snowfall has already proved problematic for your home. If you see signs of water penetration in your basement or crawl spaces, new or growing cracks in your concrete and foundation, stucco and EIFS that is starting to buckle, peel, or warp it’s time to call in the Metro crew to solve your moisture issues and repair your failing foundation and cladding.

Sometimes, avoiding moisture issues is as easy as cleaning your gutters. If you need to add drainage, fix the grading, or repair concrete, foundation, or stucco damage, you need a professional contractor to oversee the problem and make sure that the you get to the root of the problem to fix the damage and ensure that the problem is not recurring.

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