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Who doesn’t love a good fireplace? Most people would agree, having a fireplace in their home is great.  Good for the cold, long winter months. Now that those have passed, you’ve probably already made arrangements to clean the flue. But have you thought about checking the structure of your chimney to make sure that the winter weather hasn’t caused damage, allowing moisture to enter your home? Water issues in your home come with too many consequences, both to your health as well as your wallet. When moisture enters your home from above, your chimney could very well be the culprit.

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Check the flashing system around your chimney to make sure water isn’t coming through and causing damage.

Inspect the flashing system around your chimney

Your chimney should never let anything inside your home except for air and Santa. If you suspect your chimney is letting water into your home, contact Metro Reconstruction immediately and fix the issue before it causes too much damage to the roof, sheathing and framing.

As much as you love the warmth and comfort a chimney brings in cold weather, you’ll hate the damage it can cause to your home if the structure has been damaged and water is entering your home. If your chimney is inviting moisture into your home, more often than not all fingers point to bad flashing. Faulty or deteriorating flashing systems are your home’s worst enemy, and moisture issues’ best friend.

When flashing is done correctly, these 4D principles all apply:

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A tough winter could have compromised, damaged or corroded your existing flashing systems. Call Metro Reconstruction to fix potential moisture issues before they cause too much damage.

If any of these four Ds have been compromised, you could be looking at serious damage to your home caused by moisture and the mold, toxin and bacteria problems that come with it. Sloppy flashing systems are everywhere. Even good flashing can be damaged by severe weather conditions – like a long, cold Colorado winter. Even the best flashing systems can corrode and get worn down with time. So be sure to stay on top of it to avoid costly moisture issues.

Spring is the best time to call us

Call Metro Reconstruction for any repairs or new projects you may have. We do stucco, EIFS, roofs, windows, gutters, chimneys, flashing systems and much more. We have extensive experience in dealing with moisture issues throughout the entire Front Range from Southern Colorado to Fort Collins as well as all Mountain communities, including Aspen, Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Vail and Steamboat.