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Woodpecker Repairs & Prevention

Woodpeckers can cause problems for homeowners. The loud pecking and ugly holes in exterior walls can be a nightmare for homeowners, building owners, and HOAs. We use an exclusive and effective product to repair damage done by woodpeckers and to help prevent future damage.


Our Hard Guard System is a thin wall coating with Portland cement and acrylic hardening agents. This system is a very strong thin wall system, and can be applied over existing stucco or EIFS. It will make the stucco system stronger, and more durable, to resist birds from future damage.

We apply this system on high traffic areas as well as homes, or buildings, susceptible to bird damage. When the system is used for woodpecker repairs, we offer a warranty against woodpecker damage to areas we installed the system.

We have been using our specialized Hard Guard System for over 20 years to resolve issues with woodpecker damage.