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Tips for HOA and coop managers

For those of you brave enough to be on the board of directors of your HOA, you know just how hard it is to please everyone. No matter how you spend your funds, a member of the association will always think the money could have been better spent somewhere else.

Spending HOA funds on reconstruction projects in Colorado
When you are dealing with HOA funds, always put the health and safety of you tenants first when prioritizing reconstruction and repair projects.

The health and safety of your residents come first

Cosmetic preparations can wait, but if there’s a crack in your foundation, or you spot signs of water damage and mold, then these are the types of repairs that should jump to the to of the repair list.

Regular inspections and maintenance of your roofing systems, gutter systems, plumbing systems, and HVAC systems can help you prioritize and help you spend the money where it is most needed. Often, proper maintenance can sometimes help you prevent serious problems down the line, or at least, keep the problems at bay while you fix something more important.

commerical exterior project
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Windows and doors are also major culprits behind more serious problems. Old windows are energy guzzlers, but they also can also be the entryway for moisture, and moisture is bad for any building.

If your buildings are showing signs of major damage, spend the money on issues threatening the health and safety of your residents. Cosmetic or aesthetic repairs can wait, or they can be DIY projects. We know these projects are important to maintain the value and curb appeal of your property, but you’ll sleep much better at night knowing your buildings are structurally sound, rather than repainting the exterior or relandscaping your gardens.

We know you have a budget, so you can call us anytime and we’ll help you with an estimate for various projects that need immediate attention.