This 4th of July weekend is all about celebrating freedom and independence. Most of you will  be firing up the grill with friends and family or heading out to check out the various firework displays around Colorado. While you’re waiting for the burgers to cook we thought we’d give you a little Independence Day trivia to wow your guests.

Fourth of July Trivia

How much do you actually know about the Declaration of Independence?

Independence Day Trivia

  • On July 2nd, 1776, congress voted to declare our independence from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was the formal written explanation and was ratified by congress on July 4th, and that’s how we ended up celebrating our nations birthday on July 4th with fireworks, pomp and circumstance.
  • The term “Declaration of Independence” is not found anywhere in the document itself!
  • Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the declaration because he was from Virginia, and the founding fathers thought that a Southerner would be taken more seriously.
  • The first person to sign the declaration was John Hancock, hence we ask for a person’s “John Hancock” when we need a signature on a piece of paper.
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Happy 4th of July, everybody!