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A Brief History of Stucco

In the ever-improving world of construction and home renovation the list of building materials is vast. The options for exterior siding alone can make your head spin. Like trends of today, popular building materials come and go. Stucco has been the building material of choice for construction for thousands of years. Stucco in its earliest forms could be found in Ancient Egypt and Rome. During the European Renaissance stucco showed its true potential with its durability and versatility. Ornate details could be constructed and molded onto buildings as architectural beauties. In the early 1800s an English stone mason named Joseph Aspdin patented a type of cement that would change the stucco industry.

Aspdin’s patent for Portland cement created a new chemical makeup for stucco making it harder and more durable than its Roman counterpart. Portland cement is still used in the formulation of traditional stucco for residential, commercial and construction projects today.

Stuccos popularity persevered because of its ability to withstand the elements and still retain its architectural beauty. Across the Mediterranean and American Southwest stucco homes and business are still all the rage. Stucco has proven itself as a worthy building material and we feel it will still be a popular siding choice in the decades to come.