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Fixing Foundation Problems Caused by Colorado’s Expansive Soil Problem

Colorado is home to purple mountains, amber waves of grain….and expansive soil. Two of those things are the reason people buy a home and settle down in Colorado. The third is an unfortunate side-effect, but one that all homeowners should be aware of. Damage caused by expansive soil can be detrimental to your home. Bentonite, […]

Ladder Safety Tips

Ladder safety tips by Metro Reconstruction in Colorado

Treat your ladder with the respect it deserves The best part about fall and winter is that you get to use your ladder. A lot. You’ll need it to clean your gutters, and you’ll need it to hang (and take down) all the various holiday lights, starting with Halloween. It’s a wonderful time for a […]

Preparing Your Deck and Porch for Winter

Exterior home maintenance tips for Colorado

Before you say goodbye to your deck for the season Soon you’ll be staring longingly at your beautiful deck or porch, remembering all the good times you had during the summer. Before you say goodbye to your deck for the season, there’s one last project that needs to be taken care of: prepare your deck […]

Energy Saving Tips: Tighten Your Building Envelope

Repair you finishing

Now that we’re starting to shut our windows and turn up the heat, we automatically begin to think about how to save energy while still staying warm through the winter. Your building’s envelope can have a huge impact on the energy efficiency of your home. You want your envelope to be sealed up tight and […]

Exterior Renovations with the Best Return of Investment

Tips to getting the best ROI on your exterior renovations by Metro Reconstruction in Baltimore

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner makes is thinking that any improvement will add resale value to its home What may seem like a significant improvement to you, might not make any difference once the appraiser comes around. But, some improvements will add value, both personally and financially. If you’re going to spend the money on […]